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This year while Christmas shopping

for the gifts we’d like to pick,

Let’s think about a present

for our jolly friend St. Nick. 

I’m afraid poor Santa

isn’t always treated very great;

The only thing he gets

is milk and cookies on a plate.


He’s got a problem at the ice cap

where he has his toyshop booth —

It’s melting now, you know,

and that’s an Inconvenient Truth. 

We can give a gift to Santa

in a way that’s non-conforming,

By using less petroleum

to keep the earth from warming.


It’s time that we did something

that was positive and noble—

Santa was the first to make

his distribution global. 

Don’t rely on special interests

to decide what life is worth;

We need to be reminded

we’re the stewards of the earth.


It’s not that we expect

to be creating a sensation;

We’re concerned about our promise

to the future generation.

We truly hope ten years from now

that people will conclude

That Christmas is much merrier

in a world that’s been renewed.







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