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When I was a kid on Valentine’s Day

my second grade teacher, Miss Amphlet, would say,

“Get out your scissors and paper and glue—”

I knew what we were about to do.

Now, don’t get me wrong about making a card;

it was something to do and not very hard.

I liked to cut paper and scribble and draw,

but my cards were the worst things that ever you saw.


For starters, my writing has always been bad;

my spelling and penmanship really were sad.

I couldn’t draw circles; I couldn’t draw squares;

and forget about hearts, either singles or pairs.

Pasting was good; I knew how to do that

as long as the surface was perfectly flat.

And gluing was better, I’m sure you can tell;

(I probably liked it because of the smell.)


So, I’d finish the card and give it away,

and almost for sure there’d be someone who’d say,

“Isn’t it lovely!—I’ll cherish your song;

even though ‘Valintine’s Day’ is spelled wrong.”

But now that I’m older my methods are better

when writing a card or sending a letter.

I always use spell-check—whatever I do;

I don’t have to make it with scissors and glue.


The cards that I send now are really quite fine;

I use my computer and do them on line.

So, if it’s your sweetheart or maybe your mom,

it’s Happy Saint Valentine’s Day—dot com.







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